1, nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR)

The basic characteristics of:

1, because of containing polar nitrile, the non-polar or weak polar mineral oil, animal and vegetable oil, the stability of liquid fuel and solvent has higher. Oil resistance is the largest specialty, the higher the better thepropylene content in oil resistance.

2, the heat resistance is better than natural rubber, styrene butadienerubber, chloroprene rubber, can be used for a long time at the temperature of 120 DEG C in the air.

3, good air tightness, second only to butyl rubber.

4, cold resistance, low temperature resistance is poor, the higher thecontent of acrylonitrile, cold worse.

5, because it is a non crystalline rubber, rubber of low strength, must fit into the reinforcing agent, to improve the bound acrylonitrile content contribute to increased strength and wear resistance, but decreased elasticity.

Dielectric properties of nitrile rubber 6, a little worse, belonging to semiconductor rubber.

7, rubber oil resistance and permanent deformation of the balance, oil resistance and electrical properties of balance is important.

Application: mainly used for making oil resistant rubber products, widely used in the manufacture of seals, gaskets, washers and other molding andextrusion products, all kinds of rubber cots, oil resistant rubber hose,industrial products and adhesive etc..

2 butyl rubber

The basic characteristics of

Characteristics of 1 is the largest gas specific too small, good air tightness.

2 rebound small, in a wide temperature range (-30-+ to 50 DEG C) is less than 20%, thus has the characteristics of vibration and impact energyabsorption.

3 heat aging resistance, good, and good resistance to ozone aging,weather resistant and chemical stability and corona resistant performance and good insulation.

4 good water resistance, water permeability is very low, thus is suitable as insulating material.

5 disadvantages are: curing speed is slow; adhesion and self adhesion is poor; adhesion is not good and metal; and unsaturated rubber compatibilityis poor, and not. But with the ethylene propylene rubber and polyethyleneblends and use.

Application: mainly used in the manufacture of automobile tire inner tube,automobile parts, vulcanized capsule, water births, wind tires, tape, rubber hose, wire, cable, coating glue, all kinds of machinery products, vibration isolation, building waterproof sheet, sealing and filling materials, tank lining,wax additives and polyolefin modifier.

3 three yuan of ethylene propylene rubber

The relative density of 1 three Yuan rubber is small (0.85-0.86), ozone resistance, weather resistance, heat resistance and chemical stability and other characteristics is still two yuan of ethylene propylene rubber.

2 can use sulfur accelerant vulcanization system, can also use organicperoxide crosslinking, products and business HISTEP strength.

3 low temperature resistance, electrical insulation properties or.

4 matched to accommodate high amount of filler and oil bearing ability.

5 and unsaturated rubber, low unsaturated rubber and plastic compatibilityand.

6 because of good surface properties of vulcanized rubber has high,suitable for the production of foam products.

7 non vulcanized rubber adhesion difference.

Application: mainly used in the automotive industry, wire and cable industry,building and waterproof materials, industrial rubber products, civil products,and other rubber and plastic resin and other use or blending, and the production of additive etc..

The 4 silicon rubber

The basic characteristics of:

1 excellent heat resistance and cold resistance, can be in -60-+ 250 degrees wide temperature range using the physical property changes ofless.

2 ozone resistance, weather resistance and good.

3 excellent electrical performance, over a broad temperature range, the frequency range of small changes.

4 mechanical properties of low, high temperature compression deformation than two methyl silicone rubber has improved.

Scope of application: methyl vinyl silicone rubber by vulcanization activity increased, heat resistance and high temperature resistance to compression deformation is a great improvement, is a kind of silicon rubber yield the biggest, the most extensive range of applications, but also the mostvarieties. In addition to the generic type rubber, and silicone rubber with a variety of special processing characteristics, but also to its base for processing with, such as high strength, low compression deformation,conductivity, after burning, thermal conductivity of silicone rubber etc.. This kind of silicone rubber are widely used in O - ring, oil seal, all kinds of pipelines, sealants and adhesives etc..


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